2023 BJE Enrolment Form

Welcome to the BJE Jewish Journey in 2023 

The BJE Jewish Learning Journey in Primary School provides a foundational knowledge of Jewish traditions, festivals, lifecycle and history and commences with SRE (Special Religious Education) or ‘Scripture’ as it’s commonly called. 

BJE is the only authorised provider of Jewish SRE in Primary and High School. 

SRE lessons take place during normal school hours. 

The day and time at which SRE takes place varies from school to school and you should consult your local school for details of their timetable. 

SRE is free and supported by the JCA and KNA donors. 

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In the course of using your personal information and that of your child(ren) for the purposes listed above, it may be necessary for BJE to disclose that personal information to third parties, including external service providers such as BJE's marketing advisers. Some of the recipients to whom BJE discloses my/our personal information may be based overseas, including in countries such as Israel. BJE's Privacy Policy is located at http://bje.org.au/privacy/. The Privacy Policy contains information about how you can gain access to the personal information that BJE holds about yourself and/or your child(ren), and how you can seek correction of that personal information. It also contains information about how to make a privacy complaint and how BJE will deal with it.


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