2023 BHPS Year 1-6 Jewish Journey

Welcome to the BJE 2023 Bellevue Hill PS Jewish Journey.

Jewish Journey Extension classes are held on:
 Monday and Friday mornings 8:15 - 9am at Bellevue Hill Public School

**Please note: An annual fee of $50 for materials is applied.

Payment Options:
1. Annually - one payment of $1,001 in advance on registration. ($1,051 including materials)
2. Termly - 4 payments of $250.25: first payment on registration, balance to be deducted on the first day of each subsequent term. ($262.75 including materials)
3. Monthly - 9 payments of $111.20: first payment on registration, balance to be deducted on the first of each subsequent month. ($116.80 including materials)

For our returning families: Please complete only the required fields.
For new families : Please complete the entire form.
Please Note: Classes are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed to take place if the class is not viable.

If you require assistance please call us on (02) 9365 7900 or email us info@bje.nsw.edu.au 

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Student Information

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*Please note this is the class your child will be enrolled in in 2023.

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Grandparents details (In case of emergency)

Media Consent & Privacy Statement

BJE will assume that you consent to the use of candid or posed images of your child for promotional purposes, on social media, on our website, or in other promotional material.
If you do not permit BJE to use your child’s image for promotional purposes, you must advise BJE in writing that your permission is withheld.
Please refer to the BJE website for more information.

BJE’s Privacy Policy may be read in full at http://bje.org.au/privacy/

NSW Board of Jewish Education (BJE) collects personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles. Personal Information provided in response to this Form is collected by BJE and is used for the purposes of facilitating enrolment into BJE classes, ensuring proper student care and supervision, and supporting and facilitating BJE’s promotional and fund-raising activities. Some personal information provided in the course of enrolment may be shared with JCA (the Jewish Communal Appeal) for purposes related to funding and planning. Personal information may also be shared with the school hosting your child(ren)’s BJE class, if appropriate.

In the course of using your personal information and that of your child(ren) for the purposes listed above, it may be necessary for BJE to disclose that personal information to third parties, including external service providers such as BJE's marketing advisers. Some of the recipients to whom BJE discloses my/our personal information may be based overseas, including in countries such as Israel. BJE's Privacy Policy is located at http://bje.org.au/privacy/. The Privacy Policy contains information about how you can gain access to the personal information that BJE holds about yourself and/or your child(ren), and how you can seek correction of that personal information. It also contains information about how to make a privacy complaint and how BJE will deal with it.

Terms & Conditions

Application For Enrolment

I/we apply to enrol my/our child(ren) as indicated in the information provided above.

I/we grant to BJE and its related parties the Media Consent set out above and on the previous page.

I/we understand and agree to the following in respect of students enrolling in subjects for which BJE charges fees (such as Extension and Hebrew):

• This is an Application for Enrolment form only and all enrolments are at the discretion of BJE and subject to the availability of places. I/we will be advised in writing by BJE if my/our application is successful.

• I/we will pay all fees invoiced by BJE by the invoice due date. Failure to pay may result in the student(s) losing their place in any class for which they are enrolled.

• The timetable and days of attendance are set for the year. Full fees are payable for all enrolled students irrespective of their attendance (no refunds or credits for missed classes).

• For Primary students wishing to withdraw and not attend in the next term, written notice of withdrawal must be received by BJE by the last day of Terms 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Failing to do this will result in fees for the next term being invoiced and payable.

For the 2023 BJE Fee Policy, please click here.

Other Fees

Payment Options:
1. Annually - one payment in advance on registration
2. Termly - 4 payments  (first payment on registration, balance to be deducted on the first day of each subsequent term)
3. Monthly - 9 payments (first payment on registration, balance to be deducted on the first of each subsequent month)

BHPS Years 1-6 2023 Annual 1051
BHPS Years 1-6 2023 Termly 262.75
BHPS Years 1-6 2023 Monthly 116.8
Total 0.00

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